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The Jean Walter Infusion Centers are committed to providing a safe and professional environment where our patients enjoy a relaxing experience while receiving their infusion/injectable treatment in a state-of-the-art facility.

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The infusion center has been named in memory of Jean Walter who, as the first employee of the Nasseri Clinic of Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases, LLC (NCARD), was instrumental in establishing our founding practice. Our founder, Dr. Nasser Nasseri, is a board-certified rheumatologist, who is also chief rheumatologist at both St. Agnes Hospital and MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, as well as founder and president of NCARD. Dr. Nasseri has over 16 years of experience in training medical residents how to diagnose and treat autoimmune inflammatory diseases with IV infusion and injectable medications and has assembled a very professional, dedicated, and experienced team at the Jean Walter (JW) Infusion Center.

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The JW medical team is directed by Dr. Jeffrey Landis, who has been practicing rheumatology for 8 years and has 10 years of experience with IV infusions and injectable medications for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Dr. Landis is a Maintenance of Care (MOC) compliant, board-certified rheumatologist and a Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology.

Your referring physician may rest assured that you are getting your prescribed infusion therapy at JW Infusion Center from a very dedicated, professional, and experienced medical team who cares for you. After each visit, your doctor will receive a letter from JW Infusion with a summary of your visit.

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The staff of the Jean Walter Infusion Center would like to extend a warm welcome to you. We consider our patients as our extended family and always strive to provide state-of-the-art medical care in an environment of caring and compassion.

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Dr. Jeffrey Landis

Director, Jean Walter Infusion 

Dr. Landis is a board-certified rheumatologist. He earned his B.S. degree from York College of Pennsylvania in York, PA and went on to earn his medical degree in 2005 from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Landis then completed his Internal Medicine internship and residency in 2008 at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. He moved to Richmond, VA to complete his Rheumatology Fellowship at the Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010. Dr. Landis is a member of the American College of Rheumatology.

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Dr. Nasser Nasseri

Founder & President, NCARD

Dr. Nasseri is a board-certified rheumatologist. He earned his B.S. degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from George Washington University and Medical Degree from Ross University. Dr. Nasseri completed his residency and chief residency at St. Agnes Health Care. He then went to the University of Virginia for his fellowship in rheumatology. He is Chief of Rheumatology at both St. Agnes and Union Memorial Hospitals.

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Dr. Ebrahim Talebi

Specialist, Gerontology & Rheumatology

Dr. Talebi is board-certified in internal medicine and geriatric medicine and board-eligible by the American college of rheumatology. Dr. Talebi received his Medical Degree at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and completed internal medicine residency at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore. This was followed by a year of geriatric/gerontology fellowship and two years of rheumatology fellowship at the University of Maryland.

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Dr. Hootan Forghani

Specialist, Rhuematology

Dr. Forghani is board-eligible by the American College of Rheumatology and board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He received his Medical Degree at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD and completed his Fellowship in Rheumatology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Sahar Nemati, CMPM

Practice Manager

Sahar earned her science emphasis degree in 2006 and has now been in the medical field for over 16 years. Sahar joined NCARD in July of 2016 and manages all three divisions: Nasseri Clinic of Arthritic and Rheumatic Diseases, Jean Walter Infusion Center, as well as Noor Laser MedSpa. In 2019, Sahar obtained her CMPM, Certified Medical Practice Management, and in 2020 she became a CRMS, Certified Rheumatology Management Specialist. 

Parvin Salari, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Parvin is certified by the American Association of Physician Assistants. She received her M.D. Degree from Mashhad University School of Medicine in Iran in 1989. Parvin has extensive experience in the field of medicine as a physician. After two years of working as a general practitioner, she started her residency program in the Mashhad University School of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology where she finished her training in 1995 ranking second on the OB/GYN board examination. Upon completion of her training, Parvin practiced OB/GYN for 13 years in Iran in both academic and clinical settings. In 2010, Parvin and her family moved to the United States where she decided to continue her career in healthcare as a physician assistant.

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